About Pittsburgh Steelers

The Pittsburgh Steelers have some of the most devoted fans living throughout the country. Any state, any city has its own contingent of followers of the wildly successful team. Beginning in 1933, the Steelers became a central part of NFL football.

In the 1930’s, the Pittsburgh team was known as the Pirates. They won two out of their first three games but the luck didn’t last. The Pirates finished as high as second place in their division during that decade but never earned a championship. 1940 saw the team’s name changed from the Pirates to the Steelers just before the season began.

During World War II, the NFL faced serious player shortages. As a result, some teams joined with others to form new teams with enough players to compete. The Steelers merged with the Eagles, becoming the Phil-Pitt Steagles. They had a decent season finishing 5-4-1. The second year they couldn’t merge with the Eagles again and instead joined ranks with the Cardinals. Unfortunately, the partnership was a bust and the team lost every single game that season.

Thankfully, the war ended and players came home. The Pittsburgh Steelers had a rough few years, but in 1947 they managed to make it to the playoffs. Since then, the Steelers have steadily worked their way up, becoming one of the number one teams in the NFL. They have played in seven Super Bowls, only losing one of those to Dallas in 1996. They have won more Super Bowls than any other team in NFL history, and are the current NFL champions having won the most recent Super Bowl in 2008.

In their community, the Pittsburgh Steelers are well loved not only for their impressive football skills but also for their community involvement. They contribute to numerous charities and events not only as a team but individually as well. They are also involved in the NFL sponsored Take a Player to School Day, and in the “What Moves You” program. They donate time to food banks, encourage the youth, and help the needy.

Heinz Field, the official home of the Steelers, opened in 2001 after the demolition of the old Three Rivers Stadium. The stadium seats more than 65,000 fans and has sold out for every single home game since 1972. Heinz Field is made primarily of steel, and shows a magnificent view of the beautiful city of Pittsburgh.

Pittsburgh Steelers football is more than a game. It is a tradition that draws thousands every year. With an amazing winning record, the Steelers have made their way into the heart of fans worldwide and even those who root for other teams can’t deny, this team is a force of nature.

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